Worksheet 2-2 intake analysis-more diet plan answer key

By | November 28, 2020

worksheet 2-2 intake analysis-more diet plan answer key

A hour dietary recall 24HR is a structured interview intended to capture detailed information about all foods and beverages and possibly, [glossary term:] dietary supplements consumed by the respondent in the past 24 hours, most commonly, from midnight to midnight the previous day. A key feature of the 24HR is that, when appropriate, the respondent is asked for more detailed information than first reported. For example, a respondent reporting chicken for dinner or a sandwich for lunch would be asked about the preparation method and type of bread. This open-ended response structure is designed to prompt respondents to provide a comprehensive and detailed report of all foods and beverages consumed. In addition to other detailed descriptors, such as time of day and source of food, portion size of each food and beverage is captured. Food models, pictures, and other visual aids may be used to help respondents judge and report portion size and may improve [glossary term:] accuracy. Dietary recalls typically ask about foods and beverages first, before questions on dietary supplements.

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