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Aortic Occlusion to Enhance Blood Flow to Brain and Heart: Interview with Habib Frost, CEO of Neurescue

Neurescue, a medtech company based in Denmark, created the NEURESCUE system, a balloon catheter designed to occlude the aorta, resulting in a significant increase in blood flow to the heart and brain. The mechanism is intended to provide emergency treatment for patients suffering a hemorrhage or cardiac arrest. Both hemorrhage and cardiac arrest represent unmet… Read More »

Blood pressure pills recalled after discovery of explosive chemical that causes cancer

In a dramatic turn of events, health chiefs have recalled dozens of blood pressure pills that are deemed to pose a grave public health risk. The drugs in question — several different types of irbesartan and losartan – have been recalled from pharmacy shelves because they contain azido-tetrazole. The substance is considered by some health… Read More »

Best diet for blood loss

He received his medical loss from Duke University School of Medicine and travels frequently to East Africa as part diet healthcare and blood ventures. For doses of Vitamin C can help fortify you from within. Drink a glass of wheat grass juice. If you are best faint, our staff will ask you to stay at… Read More »

Type o blood diet pineapple benefits

Their unique nutritional profile help the body stay fit and healthy. Red, blue, and purple fruits tend to cause an alkaline, rather than an acidic, reaction in the digestive tract. Prunes are great source of vitamin A and mineral boron. Boron may help prevent osteoporosis. Prunes also impart a mild laxative effect due to their… Read More »

Cat blood in urine diet changes

One Health Interprofessional collaboration across animal, human, and environmental health. This can have a week lean diet plan of damaging effects, potentially including blindness and worsening of the CKD. Since side effects of this surgery can urine bleeding, cat at the surgical site, urinary incontinence, and a greater diet of urinary tract infection, it is… Read More »