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Next Up: Remote Controlled Brain Communication?

U.S. scientists have achieved the previously unthinkable task of remotely controlling the brains of living beings. The beings, in this case, are genetically engineered fruit flies and the neurons responsible for causing the flies to spread their wings.1 But this is only the beginning. The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which has a… Read More »

Aortic Occlusion to Enhance Blood Flow to Brain and Heart: Interview with Habib Frost, CEO of Neurescue

Neurescue, a medtech company based in Denmark, created the NEURESCUE system, a balloon catheter designed to occlude the aorta, resulting in a significant increase in blood flow to the heart and brain. The mechanism is intended to provide emergency treatment for patients suffering a hemorrhage or cardiac arrest. Both hemorrhage and cardiac arrest represent unmet… Read More »

Depression During Pregnancy Affect Infant’s Brain Anatomy, But No Change with Prenatal Exposure to SSRIs

When a woman comes in for a consultation regarding the use of medications during pregnancy, we spend most of our time reviewing the potential risks of exposure to medications during pregnancy.  However, we must also include a discussion of the effects of untreated psychiatric illness in the mother on the developing child, for there is… Read More »

Diet for brain health new book

Add to Cart Add to Cart. Verified Purchase. The more they improved their diet, the more their depression lifted. Retraining the Brain. Must Love Books rated it liked it Aug 11, It’s 20 years of research compiled into one book. Want more expert advice on how to live better for longer? But could the foods… Read More »