Can i have cheese dip on keto diet

By | August 21, 2020

can i have cheese dip on keto diet

Be sure to login or register to cheee this feature. Unlike many queso dips that must be served warm, this killer queso stays creamy and dippable without the need for heat. Serve with veggies, pork rinds, or your favorite keto-friendly chips. Mine turned out way to thick. Keto bread twists. Let us know what you think, rate this recipe! For the serving size, I just divide the recipe by the number of servings.

Pin it Follow us This creamy grain-free cheese sauce is the real deal! It’s so versatile and delicious with steak or poured over steamed low-carb vegetables. It’s really easy to make low-carb cheese sauce that is thick and creamy. No thickeners and no flour needed! You will only need heavy whipping cream, butter, shredded cheese, cream cheese, salt and pepper. If the sauce is too thick, just add a dash of water. It will take just five minutes to make this low-carb cheese sauce from scratch. You’ll start by heating up the cream with butter and then add shredded cheese and cream cheese. Bring to a boil and cook briefly until it thickens. That’s it!

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Get my 5-Ingredient Keto Cookbook featuring over simple recipes! Pair it with low carb vegetables and chips for an amazing appetizer to share with friends. I may have given up dairy, but my friends and family are still big cheeseaholics! So, I still stock my fridge with their favorites, especially for holiday appetizers. We had some friends over for a little get together so I made up a keto cheese dip to serve with chips and vegetables. Because I had some creamy Havarti cheese, blended it with grated Edam for the dip. To add a little festive color, I roasted some bell peppers to mix into the dip and use a few for garnishing.

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