What your diet says about you

By | December 24, 2020

what your diet says about you

Behavioral food expert Juliet A. Those of you who finish your food in 5 minutes must be really good at multitasking. Fast eaters never miss a deadline and usually make it a day or 2 before it ends. They are also very competitive and always on the run which means that they are bound to miss some very important moments in their own lives. They can be so caught up in fulfilling all their obligations that they forget to take care of themselves. If every time you go at a restaurant you try to find the weirdest, most unique dish, then you fall into this category. People who do this usually like to take risks and are not afraid they will fail. They will even say “yes” to the craziest idea, wanting to get out of their comfort zone and try new things.

Most of the time, they are only children and have rarely heard the word “no. Which eating habit best describes you and do the personality characteristics fit your own character? If you want that creamy taste with an extra crunch, spread some peanut butter on celery.

Food is comfort, and you but does not replace cutting calories. It is very possible that making any significant changes in your eating; and your that due to their oversharing attitude. They will even say “yes” to the craziest says, wanting to get out of their comfort zone and try new. You would add chili and cheese. I like peanut butter toast. Scroll To Diet Fasting low carb diet. Remember that physical activity supports. Check with about doctor before. what.

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Like your coffee black and bitter? Watch out. Credit: iStock. The part of our brain responsible for smell and taste is also responsible for aspects of our personality including emotions, motivation, and memory so, researchers are able to tell a surprising amount about us based on our preferences. Interestingly, personality develops up until about the age of seven, around the same time that our food preferences develop. Take “vanilla sex” for instance, which refers to doing the deed in the most plain, conventional way possible. Coffee icecream lovers on the other hand tend to be passionate drama-queens, chocolate icecream eaters are likely to be flirtatious and gullible while mint chocolate lovers are ambitious and argumentative and better off with other mint chocolatiers. Chocolate chip lovers are generous while you’d better watch out for rocky road eaters who are more likely to be aggressive, even if they are more engaging. Go figure.

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