The big fat diet dr malhotra

By | August 28, 2020

the big fat diet dr malhotra

Burn Fat Not Sugar of heart disease each fat. More thanAmericans the with a normal BMI will still get lifestyle diseases. Aseem malhotra a cardiologist, a heart specialist. Aseem brings diet focus big to both diet and lifestyle in this important film. Forty per cent of people.

If you are interested in taking back control of your health — eat fat! This film goes past diet alone as they key to the Mediterranean diet and really explores all aspects of the lifestyle that make it such a healthy way to live. Malhotra explains how even as little as 21 days of proper lifestyle can start the body healing. Exercise, the importance of movement, stress, coconut oil, even olive oil scams are all covered in this documentary. I highly recommend The Big Fat Fix for everybody who wants to understand health at a deeper level. In the 20th century, most disease was about hygiene and infections. However, the diseases of the 21st century are not the same. We are facing obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. We are using drugs for a dietary disease, which is about as useful as bringing a snorkel to a bicycle race.

A few weeks ago on the recommendation of the BMJ, I was interviewed on BBC World Service Business Daily giving my view on how commercial corruption of medicine resulting in over prescription of medications to millions across the globe, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths due to side effects was at the root of our healthcare crisis. Corporate greed of the food and pharmaceutical industries are the two most important root causes of our current healthcare crisis. Until the medical establishment and politicians are bold enough to address their excesses and manipulations head on we will continue to have a sicker, unhappier and less economically productive society. Want to know the true cause of heart disease and what lifestyle measures you can do to reduce your risk? Home Biography Media Contact. Known as one of the most influential cardiologists in Britain, Dr Aseem Malhotra is successfully leading the campaign against excess sugar consumption.

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