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ICUs are nearing capacity in this French city. And it’s only September

That’s how Dr. Olivier Joannes-Boyau, head of the intensive care unit at University Hospital in the southwestern city of Bordeaux, describes the resurgence of Covid-19 in France. After young French people took advantage of the lifting of lockdown and summer months to socialize freely, Covid-19 hospitalizations have risen in large cities like Paris, Bordeaux and… Read More »

Only buring fat diet adkins

He spoke of the metabolic advantage of high protein. New York, NY. A ketogenic diet is a VERY low carb diet, usually between grams of carbs per day or less. Long-term effects of 4 popular diets on weight loss and cardiovascular risk factors. Any fat loss program that does not make exercise the centerpiece is… Read More »

Can you go vegan only by diet

Even after I became vegetarian, I turned this question over and over in my mind. In the end, it took two full years before I completely cut out eggs, milk, butter, and cheese. But when the time was finally right, there was no question about it. I was ready to eat a plant-based diet. Years… Read More »

Only white food diet

We’ll get back to you shortly. Thanksgiving Coronavirus. Lung cancer. Taurus April 20 – May 20 Pee-wee Herman. Mars direct in Pisces: Zodiac signs who will benefit and those who’ll be worst affected by it. Every child needs to be nurtured with great care and must be showered upon with utmost love and affection. Sweets… Read More »

Water only diet cure

Under his guidance, the center has supervised fasts for thousands of patients and grown into one of the premier training facilities for doctors wishing to gain certification in the supervision of therapeutic fasting. Dr Goldhamer is on the faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, where he teaches a course on clinical fasting. He is… Read More »