Cardomax Is Changing Up Your Life And Making You Healthier!

By | April 17, 2021

Cardomax Is Changing Up Your Life And Making You Healthier!
Cardomax Is Changing Up Your Life And Making You Healthier!

Cardomax Is Changing Up Your Life And Making You Healthier! Whether you workout or not, CardoMax will change your life from the first moment you try it. The company – which was co-created by retired Navy SEAL Sean Matson – is committed to producing the highest quality, liquid-based single serve supplements featuring clean ingredients that will not only give you more energy, but will help your immune system!

We spoke to Sean Matson at the company more about how his products have been changing people’s lives, are made in America, help working moms, and are great for all, whether you are male or female.

  1. How did you come up with CardoMax and was the product inspired by any strong females in your life?

    [My partner and co-founder] Zach and I developed the product lines around proven research and products we had already taken. Zach really studied the importance of these ingredients and how some have been used for 70+ years. We then took these proven ingredients and developed a method to emulsify into a convenient liquid (yes…not a powder) form. Women were definitely part of our development and part of why we made these in single-serve packets. They are perfect to carry them in your purse or pocket. Plus since there are no artificial dyes or coloring, you don’t have to worry about your son or daughter spilling their drink and staining their nice white shirt.

  2. Tell us exactly how CardoMax is helping people to live a better, healthier lifestyle daily?

    By our amazing products, from a pre-workout (our Energy Intensifier) to our Immune Booster that harnesses the power of Natural Adaptogens. Our entire product line are liquid single-serve packets using our proprietary emulsification process. Its proven science that liquids will absorb into your body quicker and more efficiently, which is why we build our company using this method of delivery.

    By building a community. Weekly we post workouts, from our customers to help inspire and motivate us all.

    By our unmatched customer service. Part of our foundation is to actively engage with customers across various channels before they feel they need to reach out to us. For example, we are working to put other systems in place right now that will allow us to identify possible shipping delays from our carriers and reach out to the customers before they feel they should be reaching out to us asking us about their shipment.

  3. For those working out, when is the best time to take a dose of CardoMax?

    For those working out, when is the best time to take a dose of CardoMax?

    Each person is different, but currently I drink Energy Intensifier before my workout, about ⅔ through my workout I drink the Recovery Accelerator to help my body get back into recovery quicker. I drink the Immune Booster daily as it gets me another 20oz of water into my system, and the flavors are absolutely amazing, not to mention the Adaptogens help your body fight stressors.

  4. Moms need energy! What has the feedback been so far from moms across America since you launched?

    A LOT OF FIVE STAR Reviews, but here is just one:

    I am so excited about this product! I wake up around 3:30/4:00am in the morning for work and I’m always on the go! When I’m done working I’m being a mom. When it comes to my workouts I need that extra energy to help me push through. I also should mention that I drink a lot of coffee in the mornings and need to drink more water. With that said I am someone that always needs to add flavor to my waters. After trying the Blueberry flavor in my water I was so PLEASED! The flavor is delicious and not too sweet. I’m looking forward to trying this and cutting back on my caffeine from coffee. All in all this not only will be used for my pre-workouts, but to also get me through muon the go lifestyle; Thanks again for this yummy product!!”  -Krista Morning Radio Host /93.1 Jamz-Madison,WI.

  5. As a retired US Navy SEAL, why is it important to you to keep CardoMax ‘Made in America’?

    There would be no benefit getting it made anywhere else. We live in the greatest country in the world. I’ve had the privilege to travel to a lot of different countries and while they all have unique features, none compare to America. The quality of ingredients to the oversight of our manufacturing processes are unmatched here in America.

  6. What else do you have planned for the company in the near future?

    We are working on a hydration line, which we hope to have out before summer.

  7. Which female celebs, athletes, etc. do you feel would benefit from your products?

    ALL OF THEM! We have a great product, it works more efficiently than others, plus we are super convenient with our single-serve packets.

  8. Anything else fitness/heath-related you want to add or talk about?

    We will be starting a Wisdom Wednesday series here soon on our socials, so you’re going to want to follow us so you can be informed.

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Cardomax Is Changing Up Your Life And Making You Healthier!

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