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Keto diet less ketones or more

Some of you may show higher concentration of ketones after a high-fat meal. If I limit carbs more will my readings go back into the optimal range? Yes, as your body gets keto-adapted, it uses ketones more effectively and you’ll see lower readings even on the blood ketone meter. You can find my review of… Read More »

Raspberry ketones diet pills

What are the raspberry of Raspberry ketones Raspberry Ketones are further optimised with added caffeine anhydrous. To speed up ketosis, some ketones, the natural abilities of pills and keto tablets, raspberry they believe it will bring keto diet without having to restrict carbs like bread and pasta, pills are two sources. In order to achieve… Read More »

What are ketones for ketogenic diet

Yes, fat is still used as fuel, but an alternative fuel source called ketones is produced as well. Yes, but the effects differ from one person to the next. Urinary ketones often correlate poorly with serum levels because of variability in excretion of ketones by the kidney, influence of hydration status, and renal function. In… Read More »