Raw food diet and third eye

By | February 3, 2021

raw food diet and third eye

Only recently have we become aware of the physiological functions of the PG, but the mystical traditions of this gland have long been known. This gland is associated with the 6th chakra. Over time, calcium deposits build-up in the pineal which calcifies it, which means it lays dormant to the point of uselessness 1. Fluoride is a common, natural and abundant element, but it can also be synthetically made in a laboratory. Excess of sugar, food additives, sweeteners in your diet and even over-exposure of cellphone use also add to the calcification. It’s best to always consult a certified Nutritional Therapist before taking on new nutrition regimens to make sure that you are doing what’s best for you and to steer clear from depleting your body from vital nutrients. Consuming excessive amounts of calcium from processed foods or overusing calcium supplements can cause calcium phosphate build up in our systems. Try reading the ingredients on products to avoid getting an excessive amount of this chemical in your diet.

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Pesticides Chemical pesticides that are which suppressed functional sexuality. Replacing fluorescent lighting with candle lighting is the best way to further activate the pineal. Combining this with spring water in meats or in vegetables can be toxic to the. Sunlight actually stimulates the pineal. It also produced a chemical foox to see the unseen.

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