Eiza González Flaunts Her Perfect Curves for Vogue Photoshoot

By | April 13, 2021

The super awesome and incredibly sexy Eiza González teamed up with Vogue to rock a pretty steamy photoshoot! Seriously, these pics are bound to have you tugging at your collar as you feel a knot in your throat.

Vogue Magazine

Yeah. It’s like that. The 31-year-old Mexican actor has appeared in movies such as Baby Driver and this years’ Godzilla vs. Kong. But her acting chops ain’t the only thing that’s hot. This gorgeous gal is packing some serious heat when it comes to her slim and tight body. The pics below are a testament to that, of course. 

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Vogue Magazine

Eiza Gonzalez appears to be covered in some sort of artistic and colorful mud-like substance. It does wonders to accentuate her hot body and those amazing curves. While we’re on the subject, that thigh gap is to die for, too. 

We wish her the very best in her career and hope to see her strip down for many more photoshoots like these.  

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