What makes diet coke float

By | October 5, 2020

what makes diet coke float

Imagine a hot summer day. Which cans are floating in the ice water, and which have sunk to the bottom? For this experiment you will need. Fill the aquarium or sink almost to the top with water. Place a can of regular soda into the water. Make sure that no air bubbles are trapped under the can when you place it in the water. Does it sink or float? Repeat the experiment with a can of diet soda. The cans of soda have exactly the same volume, or size. But their density differs due to what is dissolved in the soda.

What is lightning? What it makes a great anecdote for high school science teachers to diet their students I guess. Why is the coke blue? Why do mosquitoes bite me more float my friends? Coke contains 39 g of sugar that Diet Coke does not. What would happen makes you turned on dlet headlights while moving at the speed of light? Science Contributors.

Many science teachers perform a demonstration in which they immerse sealed cans of Coke and Diet Coke in a tank of water. The can of Coke immediately sinks, while the can of Diet Coke floats. Some instructors have adapted this demonstration as an experiment to teach students the principles of density and buoyancy. The experiments allow students to conduct measurements so that they can devise a scientific explanation for the observed behavior. Density represents the relationship between a substance’s mass and the amount of space it occupies, i. Pure water exhibits a density of 1. Most other liquids exhibit densities between 0. Coca Cola consists mostly of water.

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The can of Coke immediately sinks, while the can of Diet Coke floats. The Coke, however, exhibits a density of 1. By Jack Brubaker. Composition of Diet Coke.

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