Seven countries study supports mediterranean diet

By | April 26, 2021

seven countries study supports mediterranean diet

Another study 9 of women, performed in the Netherlands, hit the headlines in The Framingham Study: 34 years of follow-up”. Heart disease is, however, still the biggest killer in the proportion of the US population over 65 years of age 1. The Mediterranean Sea borders 18 countries that differ markedly in geography, economic status, health, lifestyle and diet. Agneta Yngve: es. More about how the study was conceived and the two phases of cardiovascular and healthy ageing epidemiology,. In a article in Science magazine entitled Nutrition: The Soft Science of Dietary Fat, Gary Taubes wrote “it is still a debatable proposition whether the consumption of saturated fats above recommended levels.. Several scientists disagreed with Keys’s conclusions at the time.

I have been a fan of Mediterranean-style diets, both for my patients and myself, for many years. The results of a Spanish trial being made public today should get everyone interested in this healthy way of eating. What makes these new results so important is that they come from a randomized controlled trial, what many consider to be the gold standard of medical research. All participants were over age 55, and none had been diagnosed with heart disease—though all were at high risk for developing it. One third of the volunteers were counseled to adopt a Mediterranean-style diet and were given one liter a week of extra virgin olive oil. Another third were counseled to adopt a Mediterranean-style diet and were given about an ounce a day of mixed nuts walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. The third group was counseled to adopt a low-fat diet. The trial was stopped early, after just under five years of follow-up, when the independent board charged with an ongoing review of the results determined that there had been significantly fewer heart attacks, strokes, and deaths from cardiovascular disease in the Mediterranean groups than in the low-fat diet group. The reduction was impressive: three fewer cardiovascular events per 1, people per year in the Mediterranean groups.

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