Ketogenic diet and osteoarthritis

By | December 23, 2020

ketogenic diet and osteoarthritis

It was depressing. Hobbling up stairs is none of that. About a year ago, we moved temporarily out of our house during a home remodel. After dozens of trips up and down stairs carrying boxes, here is what my knees looked like. Unable to fix this depressing debilitation, I have resigned myself to undertaking activities only when they were important and knowing the outcome in advance: I would be stiff, sore, and gimpy. Recovery took weeks and relief came through a combination of ibuprofen and extensive stretching. His rugged stretches and philosophy of going up stream and down stream from the problem area, i. After being on the ketogenic diet for a few weeks, which excluded refined sugar and all grains, I was shocked to find out that my knees were no longer swelling. At first, I thought maybe I had just been less active recently. No swelling. I can take up cycling, or karate or skiing.

Osteoarthritis is the most widespread form of arthritis among older adults in the United States. Long Term. Topics: Osteoarthritis Already have an account? Related Stories. About a year ago, we moved temporarily out of our house during a home remodel. At first, I thought maybe I had just been less active recently. Study particpants were asked to follow one of the two dietary interventions or continue to eat as normal for a period of 12 weeks. The low-carb diet group is the only one that demonstrated decreased pain intensity and unpleasantness in some functional pain tasks. Sign up below to receive updates in your inbox as I post them. In particular, Griffin’s team found that changing the amount of sucrose—table sugar—and fiber in the diet altered OA pathology in the rodents. A pilot study of a Mediterranean-like diet intervention in female patients with rheumatoid arthritis living in areas of social deprivation in Glasgow.

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A lifestyle modification may help relieve the pain associated with knee osteoarthritis OA, according to a study published in Pain Medicine. Opioids, pain relievers, and anti-inflammatory drugs carry unpleasant side effects for many patients with persistent knee OA. Noting the need for alternative forms of pain management, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham UAB tested the efficacy of 2 dietary interventions: one low in carbohydrates and one low in fat. They also examined serum levels for oxidative stress before and after the intervention. The investigators found that the low-carb diet reduced levels of functional pain and self-reported pain compared with the low-fat and regular diets. Participants who followed the low-carb diet also showed reduced oxidative stress. Continue Reading. The authors concluded that lowering oxidative stress through a low-carb diet may provide relief from pain and offer an alternative to opioids. The effect of low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets on pain in individuals with knee osteoarthritis [published online March 13, ]. Pain Med. Study: low-carb diet provides relief from knee osteoarthritis.

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