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Depression During Pregnancy Affect Infant’s Brain Anatomy, But No Change with Prenatal Exposure to SSRIs

When a woman comes in for a consultation regarding the use of medications during pregnancy, we spend most of our time reviewing the potential risks of exposure to medications during pregnancy.  However, we must also include a discussion of the effects of untreated psychiatric illness in the mother on the developing child, for there is… Read More »

Does low carb diet affect the period

And while it seems counterintuitive at first glance, it can be a surprisingly effective—if not exactly sustainable—means of losing weight. While stored, they are slowly released into the bloodstream, but they are rapidly freed during weight loss as the fat deposits are burned for energy. Decreasing estrogen levels can be cause for concern. When I… Read More »

Why am I bloated? How hormones affect digestion plus what you can do about it

Fed up of repeatedly asking yourself ‘why am I bloated?’ Your hormones could be to blame. Ahead of World Digestive Health Day (29th May), nutrition and digestive health consultant Leyla Moudden has some advice that could help Hormones influence every organ, system and process within the human body and the digestive tract is no exception.… Read More »