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Dynamic duo getting on their bikes to tackle eating disorders on 29th October

Eating disorders education hub to be launched‘There is a glaring gap where treatment of eating disorders should be in the UK. I know, as I loved exercise too much, combined it with under-eating, and lost the ability to perform for the last three years and jeopardised my health into the bargain. I wouldn’t have done… Read More »

‘The emotional scars run deepest’ – John Greene on getting back to fitness after a near-death experience

It’s a cold, crisp spring morning and as half seven approaches, people begin appearing in ones and twos. There are empty chairs spaced out across the car park, and everybody claims one. It may be chilly, but the atmosphere is warm and friendly and there is plenty of chatter as they wait. his is a happy… Read More »

Getting cut workout plan and diet

There is one ultimate secret to getting lean. The goal of the ultimate cutting plan to produce your desired results is a lower body fat percentage whilst retaining as much muscle as possible. This journey requires a reformed view of how to eat to look good and feel good without damaging your body. This goes… Read More »