Food and diet ww2 teaching

By | July 23, 2020

food and diet ww2 teaching

But also the rationing system was experienced as an essentially social form of consumption, by which the scarce goods were distributed according to accepted norms of social justice. The aim was to make Britain as self sufficient in food as possible. This article explores some of the strategies applied by consumers for making-do during the Second World War in Norway. More Other foods were not rationed but were not obtainable at all. Amber Waves, November The system was such that consumers had to register with their local shop, which was allotted goods according to the number of customers registered. Now is the time to have them look at more local involvement with the war. Everyone was given 16 points a month, later this was raised to 20 points. Increased potato production provided necessary vitamin C in the diet.

Citizen Involvement in the War Effort at Home—. Food Rationing. To download this lesson in PDF format, click here. The main focus for students in the four lessons outlined below is to have them look at food rationing and see how families during WWII handled food rationing. Additionally, how did food rationing help the war effort? This unit is set up to have students look at primary sources both from Illinois and nationally. Citizens were asked to help in the war effort from the recycling of scrap metal, paper, grease and dead farm animals, to canning basic foods. The issuing of War Ration Book One to all Americans the following month created shortages of many other goods. It also led to a thriving black market in both rationed goods and phony ration books. Households were required to declare their stockpiles … [e]very man, woman, and child were rationed twelve ounces of sugar a week. This was one half of the prewar consumption of one and a half pounds…Housewives baked less frequently and used saccharin, corn syrup, honey, maple syrup, and other sugar substitutes. Other sugars do not give the same quality jell as table sugar gives.

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