Can vegan diet cause hormone imbalance

By | September 29, 2020

can vegan diet cause hormone imbalance

I had a close friend that was diagnosed with PCOS in her late twenties. She would get only one period a year ever since she was She had been vegetarian mostly vegan for most of her life and had been able to maintain a stable weight. Once she received her diagnoses her doctor immediately suggested she needed to eat meat in order to help her blood sugar balance and improve her insulin resistant PCOS. She did this and proceeded to put on a lot of weight very very quickly. In a few months, she had put on 30kg and was well over kg. I knew nothing about hormones at the time but she was convinced that eating meat made her PCOS even worse and that is was responsible for her rapid weight gain.

Hormones direct such vital functions as growth, reproduction, and metabolism. While hormonal imbalances get blamed for health problems from mood swings to weight gain to depression, some people intentionally increase their levels of certain hormones using supplements, to build muscle strength and restore lost youthfulness, for example. But the facts are complex—you need to understand what hormones are and how they work to avoid the dangers associated with hormone imbalance. Your body is an awesome machine composed of trillion cells. Hormones are chemical messengers that flow through your blood, carrying information from one group of cells to another. This coordinated process keeps your body functioning. Most people have heard of hormones like insulin, thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, human growth hormone, cortisol, and vitamin D.

Then, one day, after 7 years of not eating meat, I tried a serving of beef. Do you any recommendations to naturally boost my estrogen levels? A possible reason is due to the lower estrogen levels in women that follow plant-based diets. I have missed two periods, I went vegan 3 months earlier. Dietary cholesterol from animal products or excess cholesterol in general has been associated with a rise in DHEA and testosterone levels. Try eating more red peppers, kiwi fruit, strawberries, citrus and papaya.

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